IDG provides a full range of architectural services beginning with predesign through post construction commisioning services. We also do Interior Architecture.

Predesign services include programming, feasibility and budget analysis, scheduling, regulatory and permitting investigation, coordination of geotechnical, environmental, and traffic investigations.
We work with various real estate companies and developers to evaluate properties for development, purchase, redevelopment or daptive reuse.
We work with construction management firms to provide cost estimating, constructibility reviews, and project scheduling.
We routinely employ the expertise of contractors and subcontractors in a design-build relationship to analyze projects and identify contol factors impacting the delivery and planning.
We evaluate sustainable (Green) building principals as early as possible to determine applicability, affordability, and potential incentives, benefits or paybacks.
We provide existing conditions documentation, condition assessments, and feasibiltiy analysis.

Design services include the development of alternative architectural concepts and building systems such as envelope, structural, mechanical, and electrical. We provide a full range of design levels including conceptual design, schematics, and design development.
We work to balance program, design and budget through the careful definition of scope and market impacts. We provide energy design alternatives evaluating cradle to grave costs.
Through our network we provide and coordinate all major building disciplines e.g. civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection. We also provide design and coordination of specialty services e.g. audio-visual, furnishings and fixtures, lighting, historic preservation, and acoustics.
We can provide and coordinate investigation and reporting services e.g. traffic, geotechnical, and environmental engineering including hazardous materials survey and remediation.

Construction Document services include construction drawings and specifications, constructability reviews, coordination of long-lead items, scheduling, permit and agency submissions, etc.
We provide documents and services required by many delivery methods including traditional design-bid-build, the various forms of construction management, design-build, bridging, fast-track, etc.
We incorporate sustainable (green) principals in preparing documents for delivery.
Through our network we provide furniture and furnishings coordination, historic preservation documentation, audio-visual system integration, room and system acoustic analysis, hazardous material survey and remediation, and data & communication integration.

Bidding, Buy-Out and Permitting services include assistance in preparation of documents for permitting and contractor agreements, contractor’s requests for information, document clarifications, substitution requests, addenda, regulatory agency coordination, supplemental reports and studies, hearing participation.
We provide services covering all venues for project delivery including traditional design-bid-build, variations of construction management, bridging, fast-track, design-build, etc.

Construction Administration services include document interpretations and supplemental documentation, processing contractor’s requests for information, submittals, change order requests, payment requests, site visits and reports, and substantial and final completion documentation.
Commissioning, start up staff training and/or system instruction are also offered.

Post-Construction services include warranty services, building performance monitoring, post occupancy valuations.


IDG provides planning services to assist in evaluating project feasibility and defining the scope and budget requirements. Toward that end we have provided real estate and facility assessment, land use, and planning.

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