IDG has two owners, Todd Havekotte and Greg Peterson. The shared vision for our business is to address the concerns clients have expressed with our profession over the 30+ years of our individual practices. We are hopeful that we are succeeding in this effort. Based on client far, so good!

Unifying Principals

  • IDG is a Christian-based company. After that, clients come first.
  • We pursue trust relationships with our clients.
  • Our Principals are hands-on workers, providing services at staff-level prices.
  • Our business model allows us to deliver top quality service at less cost than anybody else.
  • Our value is in providing expert knowledge to help you get the facilities you want.
  • Our recommendations are based upon what is right for the project.
  • We deliver what you started out to get.
  • Firms don’t design projects. People do.
  • We provide the best staff available through our national pool of talented, like-minded professionals.
  • We hand pick the right individuals for each job, not because they “just happen to be on our staff” as our competitors do, but because this particular group of individuals is the right team to deliver this particular project.
  • We meet schedules. Period. When a deliverable is due, it will be there.
  • We use third-party construction services companies to provide cost estimating services, to prepare schedules, and to review our plans and specifications “through the eyes of a contractor looking for change orders” prior to bidding, including searching for clarity, ambiguity, and missing information.
  • We stand fully accountable for project delivery. If the total of the bids comes in higher than your project budget, we will redesign, at no additional charge, to meet the number upon which we had agreed. No excuses. No discussion.
  • We don’t buy technology. Rather, we partner with companies whose business is technology. This keeps our overhead low. You pay only for the technology you actually use.
  • Reimbursable expenses, including consultants, are passed through to our clients without any mark-up.
  • We don’t “split savings” that are achieved through “value engineering.” Any savings we find belong to you.
  • We believe that good service yields reasonable profits and repeat business.
  • We are optimistic. We enjoy humor. We like our work. We treat people with dignity and respect.
  • We work with people we like. Joining our organization is like joining an elite club.
  • We’re not here to win design awards or feed our egos. We’re here to deliver solutions to problems defined by our clients.
  • We are a company committed to Christian principals.

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